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Warm, modern flooring for the whole house

Turkish Travertine comes in wide selection of sizes at an excellent money value

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Large Projects: YPF Building by Arch. Cesar Pelli

Our surfaces are present in the best projects in Argentina and overseas

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Cosmic Black: exclusive granite from Argentina

Granite volume on a Zeus White Silestone countertop

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Since 1913, De Stefano SA produces and distributes materials that last a lifetime.

Newest Materials

Rumi Black is an exotic material quarried in Argentina.

Argentinean granite from Cordoba Province.

Among the unique stones available, Porphyry can only be quarried in a limited number of places.

Newest Ideas

The City of Trento is close to the quarries of Albiano where porphyry was originally quarried.

Porphyry cubes can be an ideal solution for exterior paving of pubic spaces.