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Más de 100 años brindando soluciones en superficies de alto valor para la arquitectura y el diseño

Since 1913, De Stefano SA produces and distributes materials that last a lifetime

Genaro De Stefano is our founder who started the company in 1913. Genaro was an Italian inmigrant that started trading marbles from Italy. In those years, slabs were unloaded from ships to smaller boats and then manually unloaded to the port's dock. Slowly, the company started integrating vertically and installed marble gangsaws in Buenos Aires. Genaro had transformed his small importing venture into a small marble processing factory. Growth coninued and as years passed, granite came into the scene of the natural stone industry. At that time, his son, Eng. Luis Carlos De Stefano had joined the company. 

Genaro saw this opportunity and bought a quarry in Sierra Chica, a small village close to Olavarria in the Proving of Buenos Aires. In the 1970s, Red Sierra Chica was one of the few granites commercially available worldwide. At the same time, marble processing was a less attractive business for the company and Genaro transformed the factory to process granite. In the 1970s, the third generation joined the company: Luis, Pablo and Diego started helping Luis Carlos with the company. In the 1990s, the company expanded aggressively and built a new factory in Tilisarao, San Luis Province. This was a bold move as the company literally doubled it capacity almost overnight. 

 Gangsaw shed

In those years, porphyry was starting to be extracted from The Patagonia. Italian companies from Trento lead this move and De Stefano SA entered the business in 2004 by buying a quarry and setting up a processing plant in Puerto Madryn. The company continued to expand by setting up a national distribution network and in 2008 became the distributor of Silestone. 

In 2013, 100 years after its foundation, the company invested in growth again adding two multiwire saws. Today, De Stefano is the leading stone company in Argentina with:

  • Three stone processing factories for Granite and Patagonian Porphyry
  • 15 gang saws and 2 multiwire gang saws
  • 4 polishing and resin lines
  • Silestone by Cosentino distribution for Argentina

The company is the leading exporter of stone with projects and material delivered to all the world. We are proud to welcome our 100th year with renewed enthusiasm and success!